Mikazuki Munechika (三日月宗近, Crescent moon near the Centre) is one of the Tenka Goken.

Abilities Edit

Slash Generation: By swinging his sword, Mikazuki Munechika can create slashes that extend far from its physical form, capable of cutting down distant buildings. The slashes are confirmed to move at high speeds.[1]

Real Nihonto Edit

Full name Kokuho Mikazuki Munechika, is a Kôtô Tachi forged by Sanjo Munechika (938 - 1014) of Yamashiro-no-kuni province.

Nagasa : 2 shaku 6.4 sun Sori : 8.8 bu Nakago : 6.2 sun Moto-haba : 9.6 bu Saki-haba : 4.6 bu

Structure in Shinogi-zukuri, Ihori-Mune Tachi. Width follows its great length until the tiny Ko-kissaki gathers the Ji. Lantern piece of the Heian era, the extended reach and closing arc hold a unique fame - beyond age and passing personages. The Nakago pulls sharply from the Habaki-Moto gifting dramatic subtlety to its round Koshizori. Very fine Ko-Mokume & O-Hada under profuse Ji-Nie.

Ko-Nie and Nioi-Fukashi contrast deep blue steel where Ko-Notare is pulled to the Ha by faraway Ko-Gunome and Ko-Choji rises. Choji-Ashi in the mid. Crescent-shaped Uchi-Noke join floating Nijuba and Sanjuba that stretch and dot into distant Jiba clouds. This "Crescent-moon on the horizon" theme, along with the crescent-shaped Sugata, inspired the name "Mikazuki".

Kuigachi ruptures the Chu-width Boshi before a low Ko-Maru turn. Here a smoky finger slips to the Saki.

Kiji-Momo Nakago is Maru-Mune with three Mekugi-Ana, two filled. It was hosts for many pasts mountings.

It stays currently into the National Museum of Tokyo.

References Edit

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